Im-16 letter opener

IM-16 Automatic Letter Opener

Quadient's IM-16 Letter Opener maximises office productivity by distributing incoming mail faster throughout your organisation.

The IM-16 opens up to 300 mixed size envelopes per minute. It saves time, leaves no waste, and avoids damage to valuable contents.

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IM-19 Letter Opener

IM-19 Automatic Letter Opener

The desktop opener with mailroom speed and capacity

With speeds of up to 400 letters per minute, the Quadient IM-19 letter opening machine saves time and speeds up the distribution of incoming mail.  Easy to use, with solid metal construction for ultra reliability. It handles mixed mail without pre-sorting, and opens a wide range of envelope sizes. Milling cutter technology precisely cuts each envelope to eliminate the problem of damaged documents.

IM-22 Letter Opener

IM-22 Automatic Letter Opener

Heavy-duty letter opener

The IM-22 is a heavy-duty letter opener that can open over 10 envelopes per second (up to 32000 per hour),. So it is ideal for users who deal with high mail volumes. The multi-function touch screen and catch tray make it very easy and convenient to use.

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IM-27 Letter Opener

IM-27 Automatic Letter Opener

Heavy-duty letter opener

The Quadient IM-27 is a heavy-duty letter opening machine that can open up to 36000 envelopes per hour. So it is ideal for users who process high mail volumes. The multi-function touch screen makes it very easy to use.

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IM-30 Letter Opener

IM-30 Automatic Letter Opener

Quadient’s IM-30 mail opener makes the process of mail opening simpler and faster. Choose 2 or 3 sided opening to facilitate extraction. Extend the IM-30 with conveyor belts and professional mailroom furniture to create the ultimate mail processing solution

quadient-#contact-quadientIM-35 Automatic Letter Opener and Mail Extractor

IM-35 Automatic Letter Opener and Extractor

Letter Opening and extraction in a compact package

IM-35 can open and extract the contents from up to 2000 envelopes per hour.  The precise slicing of 1, 2 or 3 sides avoids damage to contents so data can be easily processed. Emptiness detection ensures no documents go astray.

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