Royal Mail Decertification

Is Royal Mail Decertification affecting your franking machine?

From January 1st, 2023, Royal Mail will no longer accept the use of non-Mailmark franking machines, such as the traditional town and crown franking. Click here to know more about what this means for your business.

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Automating Click-and-Collect

Click-and-Collect automation provides an easy, error-proof, and convenient order collection process.

Quadient retail

Drive incremental revenue

Expand your click-and-collect offering to increase foot traffic and drive additional in-store purchases.

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Improve employee efficiency

Bring employee focus back to in-store engagement, and not package management.

The future of shopping

Make the retrieval of online orders faster, easier, and more convenient. Branded notifications are sent via email or SMS to customers the moment their parcel is ready for retrieval. The easy-to-use software makes the experience fast and error-proof for both parcel collection and returns.

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Welcome to the Future: Multichannel shopping and intelligent parcel lockers

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Drive incremental revenue

Designate your retail locations as a Click-and-Collect (or PUDO) point to boost in-store traffic. As customers come to retrieve their orders, many will stay to browse the store, making additional purchases that help boost your bottom line.

Complimentary case study:
Parcel Pending Lite by Quadient Creates a Seamless Click-and-Collect Process for Popular French Retailer, KIABI.

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Improve staff efficiency and customer engagement

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With a streamlined order collection process, employees can focus on higher-value tasks, including: 

•    Customer service and engagement
•    Sales
•    Inventory management
•    Merchandising
•    Stocking
•    Reordering

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Contactless solution

Quadient Parcel Lockers are easily configured to accommodate touchless parcel collection, retrieval, and drop-off. Parcel delivery and collection takes seconds, eliminating long queues and inconvenient customer wait times. Additionally, contactless processes ensure business continuity, while safeguarding the health of employees and customers.

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Scalability to match your business 

Add additional locker columns or modules to match your growing parcel volumes, thanks to effortless locker scalability. Locker sizes within each module can also be configured to match the parcel traffic received at your location.

Complimentary Case study:
Decathlon, Fnac, and Oney choose Parcel Pending by Quadient Intelligent Parcel Lockers

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Customisable solutions

Parcel Pending by Quadient Parcel Lockers come in a number of modular configurations to accommodate a wide range of parcel dimensions. Customise your locker's colours and wraps to match your business’ branding or location aesthetic. 

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Carrier agnostic

Parcel Pending by Quadient Parcel Lockers are carrier-agnostic, meaning any delivery carrier can make a delivery to our locker solutions. Courier agents only require a locker access code to drop-off and collect resident packages. 

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"We chose the Parcel Pending Lite solution by Quadient, using a range of criteria, to meet the needs of both our customers and our stores. Quadient stood out with a very simple and effective solution. With Parcel Pending Lite, we’re able to find an appropriate place at almost every store requiring an automated pick-up service.”

Frantisek Moravec

Transport and Logistics Manager at KIABI

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