The Efficient Way to Manage Parcel Deliveries

This intelligent parcel locker helps organisations to manage, store and distribute incoming parcels quickly, easily and efficiently. Packcity's easy-to-use interface allows you to track and inform recipients when their parcel has arrived. Pick-up takes seconds and can be accessed 24/7. 

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A unique PIN and barcode is issued to each recipient when their items are ready for collection.

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Track and trace all parcels and packages from delivery into the intelligent parcel locker through to collection by the parcel recipient.

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Intelligent parcel lockers enable an automated process for collecting parcels and packages without impacting onsite staff.

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Quadient lockers are built for safety, providing users with contact-free drop off and collection options.

Smart Parcel Lockers Solution by Industry


parcel locker retail store front

Enable "Click & Collect" parcel deliveries and reduce your costs. Drive incremental revenue to your store, while providing easy and convenient product collections.

Residential Properties

residential apartment buildings

Simplify parcel management in residential buildings. Avoid losing packages in communal areas and allow residents to collect their parcel at a convenient time.


patients in waiting room

Minimise patient interactions and gatherings in waiting rooms. Enable social-distancing between staff and patients with secure lockers for exchanging prescriptions, tests, records and more!

Higher Education

university student walking

Provide safe delivery experience at universities and colleges. Reduce the touchpoints between staff and students by automating the parcel delivery and collection process.


corporate office

For corporate and public sector buildings that are managing a growing volume of deliveries, simplify package management to save time and storage space.

parcel locker single by quadient
testContact-Free Pickup

Scan the barcode in the delivery notification or push a button on the mobile app.

wheel chairAccessible

With just a few clicks you can drop off or collect all your parcels or packages within seconds.

versatile boxVersatile

Multiple locker sizes accepts most packages.

row of parcel pending lockers
Mobile Friendlymobile phone alert

Receive delivery alerts, manage packages, and retrieve deliveries with your smart phone.

Customisablepencil paint brush artist tools

Custom configurations, multiple colour choices, or wraps to properly match your aesthetics or branding.

Efficientgear with directional arrows

Streamlines delivery process, flexible solutions reduces the space needed to accept deliveries.

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