Single source, multiple delivery methods

physical delivery


Consolidate mail from your desktop and send to your centralised mail production facility from anywhere

Digital delivery


Send communications digitally through a secure, branded document portal



Print, sort, stuff, meter and mail without leaving your desk through an outsourced hybrid mail solution

Many business service organisations continue to rely on manual, labour intensive, document processing with limited visibility, transparency and integrity. Now more than ever, companies, like yours, are rethinking how they manage and send critical customer communications like invoices, contracts and more.

Designed to meet the needs of businesses with legacy systems and processes in place, Quadient’s suite of best-in-class software and hardware solutions enable you to respond and adapt quickly to changing regulations and rising customer demands to help you meet challenges now and in the future.

Replace inefficient, manual processes

Replace inefficient, manual processes

Reduce the time it takes to prepare customer communications while ensuring document integrity and security.

Impress Automate eliminates repetitive manual tasks, enabling skilled employees to focus on higher-value tasks. Automating your document preparation and distribution process reduces your exposure to potential errors and risks - such as misdirecting documents to the wrong customer. When used with mailing equipment, such as a folder inserter, the solution manages pre-set business rules based on specific customer criteria to ensure the right document goes into the right envelope.

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document delivery

Offer digital delivery through a branded document portal

Send critical customer communications through an eco-friendly, branded and secure document portal.  Impress Portal makes it easy for you to offer customers digital delivery as well as promote your corporate identity. Impress Portal speeds up the document delivery process by replacing paper-based communications, saving you money on postal costs and mailing supplies, while enabling faster response, and accelerating cash flow. 

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Centralise critical communications

Leverage your existing infrastructure and optimise efficiency by centralizing ad hoc mail. Impress Dispatch consolidates desktop communications from multiple office locations and is ideal for organisations with an on-site and a remote workforce.

Users simply prepare outgoing ad hoc documents and send them directly from their desktops to a centralised mail production centre or to your customer's dedicated, secure document portal.

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Prep and deliver mail without leaving your desk

Prep and deliver mail without leaving your desk

Handle the preparation and delivery of your customer communications from your computer in just a few clicks. Impress Distribute, Quadient's unique outsourced hybrid mail solution, allows you to print, sort, stuff, meter as well as deliver mail to the post office without leaving your desk. Users upload customer documents via a user-friendly SaaS application for Quadient’s mail production facility to handle the rest. 

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Fast, easy and highly predictable Accounts Receivable automation

Collecting cash from customers is the lifeblood of any business. While many aspects of business – sales, inventory and operations, marketing, customer support – have been updated and automated, the basic functions of managing money and cash flow have largely been ignored. Many businesses are wasting time and resources on the day to day cash collection process including emailing, calling, sending invoices, sending statements, reconciling disputes and more. 


YayPay by Quadient: smart AR for smart teams

YayPay by Quadient is a SaaS-based predictive and automated AR management solution that helps financial teams perform better, manage receivables more efficiently, and get payments from clients more quickly. By integrating with your existing ERP, CRM, accounting, and billing systems, YayPay combines real-time accounts receivables, analytics, and payment predictions to help businesses increase cash flow. With the automation of manual tasks, leveraging AI and machine learning, Yaypay offers you a 3x improvement in team efficiency and productivity.

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Streamline mail production


Within a growing competitive environment, business service organizations are under extreme pressure to consistently deliver a satisfying client experience. Ensuring every customer's envelope contains the right documents is more than ever. 

Quadient’s folding and inserting machines make mail prep easier.  Designed for businesses of every size, Quadient offers a range of intuitive document handling equipment that provides the highest level of productivity and dependability. Our suite of best-in-class document handling equipment includes:

  • Easy-to-use folding and envelope stuffing machines
  • Mid-volume stuffing machines
  • High-volume folder inserter machines

Choose the perfect size and model for your business and accelerate your workflow.


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Get mail and parcels out the door quickly, for less

Getting mail out the door is a multi-step process that's easily susceptible to bottlenecks. By streamlining mail production at every stage, from automatically filling envelopes to rapidly posting outbound mail, Quadient solutions create operational efficiencies that help you keep costs in check. Quadient provides several web-based and meter-based software tools to enhance your mailing and shipping operations.  

Support effortless mailing and shipping operations with mailing and shipping solutions by Quadient. Take advantage of cost savings by accessing the most efficient postage costs, so you save on every letter or parcel you send. Access tools that leverage your current relationship with your primary carrier in order to improve tracking, visibility, and budget allocation while adhering to your time and transit requirements. Use Rate Wizard and integrated scales to ensure you calculate the right postage every time (no more guessing and overspending). Promote your brand by overprinting envelopes with marketing messages, logos or slogans. You can even monitor, track and control your postal spend with your online portal - Myquadient.


Simplify the preparation, tracking and storage of mail

Centralise the processing of mail with return receipt and track your documents. Preparing certified mail with return receipt electronically saves time and money, enabling you to access specific delivery information and images of recipient signatures, all securely stored in the cloud.

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efficient mail processes

Process inbound mail in seconds
Designed for businesses of every size, our wide range of document handling equipment including automatic letter openers and paper folders add efficiency to your paper processing from start to finish.

Make a lasting impression with direct mail done right
Quadient offers address label printers and full-colour digital envelope printers. Exceptional print quality plus speed translates into your lowest cost-per-piece and fastest ROI for direct mail and trans-promotional marketing printing.

building layout building layout

Increase employee productivity while reducing costs

52% of surveyed organisations realised at least a 50% reduction in time spent processing mail after implementing Quadient solutions.

TechValidate Customer Survey, November 2019

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