By introducing digital ways of working, enterprises stand to gain in a number of ways, often in time, cost and efficiency. To maximise these benefits, it’s important to take an end-to-end view of business processes and implement solutions that remove bottlenecks, streamline operations and minimise manual activities. When digitisation doesn’t go far enough, these inefficiencies can continue to hold back business improvement.  

In the case of multi-channel communications management, optimising the preparation of communications can deliver faster turnaround times, improved consistency across messages and an overall better use of channels to keep customers informed. This, in turn, can improve customer experience and satisfaction. 

Digitising end-to-end processes

However, for end-to-end optimisation, there is something else that companies can do. Where customers, suppliers and other regular recipients of business communications choose electronic channels of communication, they can receive messages through a secure, cloud-based document portal.  

Instead of printing and posting or emailing attachments, outbound mail can be efficiently distributed by uploading documents to the portal, at which time recipients are notified to access the messages via their own dedicated, secure store.  

This not only simplifies the complex end-to-end process of creating, preparing and distributing communications, it can also help receiving businesses committed to digital ways of working to store, share and action the documents they receive from you. What’s more, the customisable portal reinforces the company brand, ensuring a consistent and professional image is presented every time.  

Closing the loop

There’s a security benefit to be gained from keeping in touch this way too. Not only does it minimise the risk of documents going astray through the security of the portal, it also enables delivery success to be monitored. Once the recipient has accessed their documents, a notification is delivered to give you peace of mind that the right message reached the right person at the right time. It’s just this kind of tracking and tracing that closes the loop on enterprise processes for an end-to-end, all-in-one solution.

By digitising distribution, as the end-stage of an efficient multi-channel communications process, reductions in print and postage costs can be enjoyed. What’s more, customers get to choose whether they view and save, or print documents, in support of their own inbound mail management processes. 

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