AMENDED ON: 14 September 2021

In an effort to ensure you’re aware of any service disruptions that may impact your business, we’ve compiled a list of resources and links to postal and carrier alerts and updates around the globe.

We will update this post regularly with continuing news and information as we strive to keep your operations informed and your communications flowing.

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USPS / Service Alerts / U.S. Postal Service Statement on the Coronavirus / Business Mailers Alerts / Domestic Service Alerts / International Service Alerts 

USPS Service Alerts have information for consumers, small businesses and business mailers about postal facility service disruptions caused by weather-related and other natural disasters or events.

UPS / Domestic and International Alerts / How UPS is responding to the Coronavirus / Impact of the Coronavirus on our Service Guarantee

Service Alerts

14 September 21:  Effective September 14, 2021 and until further notice, UPS is making the following operational adjustments for shipments scheduled for delivery to Texas:

Delivery commitment times for UPS Next Day Air® Early are extended by 90 minutes. Delivery commitment times for UPS Next Day Air® are extended to end-of-day. Any applicable Services Guarantee with respect to these packages will be based on these revised delivery commitment times. 

Suspension of Service Guarantee
Currently, the Service Guarantee has been reinstated for select air and international services but is otherwise suspended. For details on the suspension and where the Service Guarantee remains available, click here

14 September 21: UPS services in the South Central to Northeastern part of the U.S. may be impacted by Tropical Storm Ida. 

While all UPS facilities are providing pickup and delivery services as conditions permit, some delays are possible. We will work to ensure the safety of our employees while minimizing effects on service. Contingency plans are in place to help ensure that shipments arrive at their final destinations as quickly as possible. Note that the UPS Service Guarantee does not apply to shipments affected by this weather. 

10 September 21: Wild Fires Impacting Areas in California, Oregon and Washington
Wild fires are impacting service in areas of California, Oregon and Washington. While UPS facilities are providing pickup and delivery services as conditions permit, some delays are possible. We will work to ensure the safety of our employees while minimizing effects on service. Contingency plans are in place to help ensure that shipments arrive at their final destinations as quickly as possible. Note that the UPS Service Guarantee does not apply to shipments affected by this weather.

FedEx / Service Alerts / How FedEx is responding to the Coronavirus / Temporary Surcharge / Service Updates

As of 26 August 2021: Service Impact of Covid-19

  • What to know about shipment delays
    Record-breaking e-commerce orders, COVID-19 closures and weather events may cause package delays. Find out what you can do to manage your shipments.
  • Current situations affecting shipping 
    • Heavy package volume: The COVID-19 pandemic has created record-breaking shipment volumes. As more people shop online to avoid crowds in stores, those numbers have grown even more. This has created shipping volumes that are taxing logistics networks nationwide, which may cause delays.
    • COVID-19 business closures: The pandemic continues to cause businesses around the country to close. If you need to send a shipment to an area that’s experiencing closures, contact your recipient before you ship to ensure they’re open and able to receive your package.
    • Weather and other service disruptions: Seasonal weather events and other disruptions may occur and cause delays for inbound and outbound shipments. Our top priorities are the safety and well-being of our team members and providing the best service to our customers. 

DHL / Service Alerts / Emergency Situation Surcharge 

"Connecting People, Improving Lives" is Deutsche Post DHL Group's mission and guides always our effort to become exemplary corporate citizens.

In this critical global health crisis, our Logistics services and our worldwide network play a critical role, also in saving lives – whether it is by sending emergency medical equipment and supplies to healthcare workers; delivering necessity goods to private customers; or by finding solutions for companies to continue their operations.

Against the backdrop of the global Covid-19 outbreak, Deutsche Post DHL Group business operations are being continuously adapted to mitigate potential impacts. As a globally operating company, epidemic and pandemic risk scenarios are an integral part of the Group's continuous risk planning. The Group follows a holistic management process that enables our business units to ensure the best possible operations for our customers even in an emergency.

The safety of our employees and customers is paramount. In order to closely monitor and manage the Coronavirus outbreak, a Deutsche Post DHL Group Coronavirus task force has been established, led by the Group’s CEO. The Group’s task force also coordinates with international organizations (such as the WHO, CDC, ECDC and Robert Koch Institute) and provides the necessary information to all employees and relevant operations.



Canada Post Canada Updates / International Updates

As important safety measures continue, delays should be expected. For the latest on our efforts during COVID-19 please click here.

Updated information on mail delivery interruptions
Get details on weather and postal events that may impact mail delivery in your neighbourhood.

FedEx / Delivering For You (Service Updates & Hours / FAQS / Other Help) 

Support to help you adapt, evolve and thrive
The world is always changing. We’re here to help you adapt, evolve and thrive. We know that now more than ever, your customers rely on you for the things that matter most, when they matter most, for their homes, health and businesses. That’s why we’re committed to help you continue delivering for your customers—whether you’re reopening, reimagining your business, or managing growth.

Major mail and parcel service disruptions:

  • Temporary surcharge on all FedEx Express international parcel and freight shipments. Review: Rate Changes Overview
  • Signature Required Suspension: A physical signature is not required for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments except when an adult signature is required. Review: Delivery Signature Options
  • Money-Back Guarantee Suspension: Suspended for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground services, effective immediately until further notice. Review: Policy



The French government has published a guide of best practices to ensure safe home delivery of parcels during COVID-19. Review: Guide of Best Practices

La Poste / Service Alerts

  • As of 30 March 2020: Service times are adjusted to 3 days a week, and rotating shift arrangements have been put in place. The postman will carry out rounds on a less regular basis than normal. Detailed information is provided in their online Q&A.

Relais Colis  / FAQsCoronavirus Information / Service Alerts

Information following the latest national reconfinement decisions.

All our services remain open, with the greatest respect for health rules.

More than 95% of our fleet of partner merchants remains active.

For orders already placed on the relays forced to suddenly suspend their activity, please collect your packages by Friday evening. Then, we redirect them to neighboring relays, you will be notified by message and on your follow-up.

Mondial RelayHome / FAQs

Following the government decisions of 31 March, we inform you that approximately 95% of our Relay Points® remain available in April.

FedEx TNT / Service Alerts / Temporary Surcharge / Temporary service suspensions globally

The large volume of shipments to be processed and restrictions due to COVID-19 may cause delivery delays. Before finalizing your shipment, please review our latest updates on service alerts.

DHL / Emergency Situation Surcharge / Service Alerts

Since the onset of this global pandemic, DHL teams have been working around the clock, continually adapting and adjusting the operations of our global network to align with new developments, regulatory requirements and constant changes in capacity and demand. That includes further significant reductions in – or the complete cancelation of – commercial flights in most countries, which has a dramatic impact on air uplift capacity.

As we work to serve the urgent needs of our customers, these factors, among others, have increased our costs beyond sustainable levels, which necessitated an adjustment to the surcharge.





B Post / Service Alerts

Now that many flights have been canceled, bpost also temporarily suspends the sending of letters and parcels outside of Europe.

FedEx / Service Alerts / Temporary Surcharge

High volume of shipments and COVID 19 restrictions may cause delivery delays. Before finalising your shipment, please see our latest service alert updates.

DHL / Service Alerts / Emergency Situation Surcharge





FedEx / Service Alerts / Temporary Surcharge / Alerts

High volume of shipments, severe weather, COVID 19 closures, and an increase in border controls may cause delivery delays. Before finalising your shipment, please check the service alert updates before completing your shipment.

DHL / Service Alerts / Emergency Situation Surcharge





Royal Mail / Coronavirus Updates / Service Changes / International Service Alerts

We’re keeping the UK connected. Despite best efforts some services may be disrupted. 
Click for Service Updates.





An Post / Service Alerts

Coronavirus We are experiencing a high volume of calls and webforms to our call centre. Due to Covid 19 and measures we have taken on social distancing, it has impacted our response times. As we are trying to assist customers with the most urgent enquiries, we ask that you only contact us by phone or webform if you cannot find an answer on our website.

There are delays to International sending and receiving of items as many of the top sending countries continue to work through ongoing changes due to COVID-19. Please continue to check our tracking page and visit our list of International Carriers for further updates.

Tracking is updated throughout the day as we scan your post or parcel. You may also find the answer to your question in our Covid-19 Information hub.





Deutsche Post / Service Alerts / International Service Alerts / FAQs

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we would like to update you potential impacts of the virus on Deutsche Post DHL dispatch and delivery services.

We generally recommend contactless delivery options whenever possible; this means specifying a Preferred location where our deliverers can drop-off your parcels, or addressing parcels directly to a Packstation.

The Robert-Koch-Institut provides up-to-date information on the latest developments regarding the coronavirus in Germany.

Download the Corona-Warn-App now and join in the fight against COVID-19.



Swiss Post / CoronavirusOpen Post Offices / Sending and Receiving Items ContactlesslyService Alerts

Our employees are showing huge commitment in the current crisis. They are doing their best, ensuring that letters, parcels and newspapers are delivered to your homes on a daily basis. Our top priority is to fulfil our universal service obligation for Switzerland, even in this exceptional situation. Many of our branches remain open and our online services are also available at all times.







Poste Italiane, in compliance with the latest government measures, announces that service continues to be guaranteed throughout the national territory, respecting the protection of the health of its workers and all citizens.


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Ray Bissett

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