Communicating with stakeholders is an essential aspect of running a business. Whether it’s sending invoices to customers, orders to suppliers or marketing material to consumers. Getting documents out the door quickly and accurately can have an impact on sales, engagement, relationships and reputation.

Manually Fulfilling Individual Requirements Takes Time

Stakeholders want to receive correspondence in a variety of ways. The preferred channel can be determined through several factors, such as the recipient’s own processes, the message being sent or sensitivity of information. What this means is that each individual document being created and sent has different requirements and businesses require an effective way of ensuring each can be met.

Yet, despite hybrid mail solutions available to efficiently manage the complex process of multi-channel communications, many continue to manage the process manually. Where data is entered manually onto systems – sometimes multiple times – before individual documents are created, addressed and then emailed. If being sent physically, items need to be printed, enveloped and metered before being taken to the post office. This takes time.

Any delay in getting documents to recipients is only elongating response times. For example, if it takes a few days for an invoice to be created and sent, that’s simply increasing the time until settlement. Manual process can have a negative impact to an organisation’s bottom line. 

How the Cloud Simplifies Document Delivery Down with a Few Clicks

As outgoing mail output rises, manual management quickly becomes unsuitable and a resource-drain. Businesses spend too long creating and sending documents that they can’t focus on what’s truly important – serving customers.

The cloud has provided another way. With the use of cloud-based solutions, businesses can automate and outsource the delivery of documents via physical and digital channels without the need to invest in heavy IT resources and infrastructure. This can all be achieved in just a few clicks, removing a lot of the inefficiencies that exist when sending communications and managing the process and resources in-house.

If customers want to receive their communications digitally, they receive them quickly and accurately. If they want correspondence sent physically, then the printing, sorting, enveloping and delivering can all be outsourced – the business can simply focus on activities that will lead to growth.

Benefits of using a cloud-based document delivery tool:

  • No more manually creating documents or waiting at the post office, the process is automated and outsourced.
  • Free up resources to invest in what’s important – serving customers and growing the business.
  • Enhanced postage costs, ensuring customers maximise their cost savings through optimal postal rates.
  • Control the entire outgoing mail process via a single easy-to-use platform.
  • Companies can speed up their transition into a digital business.  

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