Business mail must be timely, cost-effective and professional. The small office/home office (SOHO) that uses a franking machine instead of stamps can save time, cost and promote its business through a company logo/message added to its envelopes. Now, Quadient has launched the IS-280i, a new franking machine ideal for the SOHO looking to improve mailing efficiency. 

Can a franking machine be used for all types of mail?  

A franking machine is ideal for adding postage to letters and parcels. It provides access to discounted rates compared to using stamps.  

It is also more convenient as postage can be applied without leaving the office to buy stamps. Calculating postage is simpler too, and that can also lead to further cost savings by eliminating overspend.  

Introducing the IS-280i 

Quadient has launched the IS-280i, a franking machine that is ideally suited to the SOHO. It incorporates a 3kg weighing scale for accurate postage calculation. This is perfect for the many businesses that now send more parcels. An Post’s most recent annual report revealed a staggering 100 per cent parcel volume increase compared to 2019 and, while this was undoubtedly a COVID-19 effect, higher parcel volumes are an ongoing trend.  

Time and cost savings and more besides 

A franking machine saves businesses a minimum of five per cent on each piece of post sent. It can make your office more efficient and productive by speeding up the process of applying postage to your outgoing mail, thanks in the main to the rate wizard and integrated weighing scale.  

There are other business benefits too. A franking machine helps your business:

  • Stand out – include your company logo when you print your postage to convey a professional image, build brand awareness and ensure your mail is instantly recognisable 
  • Get the message out there – add a slogan or priority message too to help your marketing  
  • Track and control postage spend – cost apportionment by department or activity is simple and with ten accounts as standard on the IS-280i it’s easy to be clear on which part of the business generates postage spend 
  • Stay up to date – an internet connection means quick and easy postal rate change updates, software downloads and funds resetting.  

Why Quadient? 

Quadient’s focus is on delivering solutions that create relevant and personalised interactions. We support hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide and have a proven track record for developing, deploying, and supporting dependable solutions. Every year, Quadient turns approximately eight billion business interactions into meaningful, personalised experiences. 

To find out more 

Let us know how we can help your business improve its outgoing mail management - just get in touch. To find out more about how to make mailing easy in a small office/home office, discover the new IS-280i franking machine.   

To celebrate the launch of its latest franking machine, Quadient is delighted that IS-280i orders placed 1 Jun-30 Nov 2022 will be entered into a prize draw. One lucky customer will win €250 Amazon vouchers!​  

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Anthony Coo

Anthony Coo

Head of Product Marketing, UK & Ireland

Anthony manages the product marketing division in the UK and Ireland. He has over 13 years’ experience of successfully launching and managing solutions in life. His teams’ product portfolio helps organisations manage their communications both physical and digital, streamline complex processes, and ensure the inbound and outbound solution meets market needs of now and the future.

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