Accelerate your digital optimization

Digital Optimization

Quadient AR’s digital optimization program enables your customers to switch from paper-based processes to electronic methods, making your practices more secure, measurable and efficient.

Monitor Customer Uptake

We help your team monitor customer uptake of electronic invoice delivery and payment methods in real-time through Quadient AR’s wide range of custom reporting capabilities.

Map Progress

Working with our team, you can create tailored reports that enable your business to map performance against key KPIs. This ensures you are continually progressing toward your digital goals.

Promote Digital

Quadient AR supports customizable, tailored communications that you can use in the same way as automated invoice reminders to ensure you are consistently promoting digital invoice and payment methods to customers.

Accelerate Payments

You can set up recurring payments and automatic payments to help increase your electronic payment volume, while reducing days sales outstanding (DSO).

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