Customer Journey Map Examples & Templates

Monday, Nov 7th 2022
Customer Journey Map Examples & Templates

Since every customer's journey is unique and every business has unique customer experience (CX) goals, there is no one-size-fits-all customer journey map example. The right customer journey map for your business depends on your customers, the products and services you sell, your team, and your CX goals.

Why are customer journey map examples useful?

Creating a customer journey map that enables you to visualise the pain points in your customer’s experience with your business requires the commitment of time and resources. But getting started with journey mapping can be challenging. This is where customer journey map examples can be useful.

Examples of customer journey maps can help you determine how best to structure your maps to meet your business goals and provide the best user experience.

Types of Customer Journey Maps

There are several different types of customer journey maps. In this article we will describe three common types and we’ll share examples of each type created in Quadient’s Inspire Journey.

Current state journey maps

 A current state journey map is a data-based visual representation of the customer’s experience and perceptions of their interactions with your company as it is today. To create an accurate current state journey map, you’ll need to gather data related to actual customer interactions currently.

This type of journey map is useful to understand the points of friction and negative experiences in a customer’s interactions with your business, from start to finish. The goal is to visualise the customer’s actual experience and to use an understanding of their perspective to identify opportunities to implement changes that will better satisfy the customer’s needs and wants.

Current state journey map example (Insurance prospect):

current state

Learn how your prospects experience your company by mapping their current touchpoints to a sale and identifying reasons for drop off. Notice that this map includes the communications that the customer receives and emotions the customer experiences at each stage of the journey.

Future state journey maps

Future state journey maps outline the customer’s experience with your business as you would like it to be in the future. These journey maps are aspirational and align the team around a shared vision. They outline the ideal journey you would like prospects and customers to take. Future state maps are driven by creativity and innovation rather than data.

Future state journey maps are useful to explore possible customer expectations and to identify opportunities to design experiences to meet them.

Future state journey map example:

future state

Easily compare where your customers are and where you need to take them with future state maps. Notice that this future state map imagines a simplified and expedited end-to-end application process that can be completed via a mobile application.

Day-in-the-life journey maps

A day-in-the-life journey map is a visualisation of a customer’s entire day, including activities that are not related to your company’s products and services. These maps provide a more detailed picture of what your customer does, thinks, and feels each day.

Day-in-the-life journey maps can help you to identify unmet customer needs before a customer even knows they exist.

Day-in-the-life journey map example (Pediatric Medical CX):

day in the life

Explore how a customer truly experiences a day in their life by mapping their actions and generating suggestions to improve their experience. This map not only visualises the child’s experience, but it also includes the experience of the parents. Notice how this map enables the team to propose solutions to address the patient’s emotions at different stages of the journey.

Simplify Customer Journey Mapping with cloud–based software

Cloud-based journey mapping tools enable you to visualise your customers’ journey step-by-step and leverage insights into actionable, exceptional customer experience.

Flexible customer journey mapping solutions offer multiple, customisable maps that unlock different key insights depending on how they are used.

Here are the crucial capabilities that a journey mapping solution should offer.

Deepen empathy with living, breathing customer dashboards

Comprehensive visualisation lets every employee experience a journey as a customer does, linking each touchpoint of the lifecycle in a global map. Cutting-edge collaborative design and dynamic mapping tools enable remote collaboration and feedback across your entire enterprise.

  • Quickly map critical customer journeys against key personas, embed KPIs and attach emotions
  • Living, breathing dashboards show the end-to-end customer journey
  • Collaboration and feedback tools create efficient remote workflows  

Leverage data for scientific insights

Select a journey mapping solution that integrates all data directly into maps enabling you to inform your entire organisation’s understanding of the customer journey with facts, not opinion.  

  • Dynamically connect to every interaction point for accurate insights into persona pains and gains and add KPIs in real-time across all channels to measure value.
  • Bring science to CX by strengthening the opinions of specialists with real customer data

Identify the right actions at the right moment  

Cloud-based journey mapping tools maximise ROI by letting you identify critical touchpoints and prioritize the most impactful improvements for your transformation strategy.

  • Visualise and prioritise tasks and projects that truly matter
  • Eliminate friction in real-time and enhance CX at every critical touchpoint
  • Interactive tools identify and correct pain points and show measurable results

Drive value with communications

Integrated with Inspire Flex and Inspire Evolve, Quadient’s Inspire Journey links insights with actions that transform customer communications, optimising the creation and delivery of exceptional omnichannel experiences.

As the only customer journey management solution recognised by analysts to integrate communication touchpoints with your customers, Inspire Journey gives you unrivaled insights into the business impacts of your customer communications and powers transformative CX improvements.

Hilti leverages Quadient’s Customer Journey Mapping for exceptional customer experiences

Quadient customer, Hilti is a global leader in demolition and construction technology.  With direct customer relationships that result in about 250,000 individual customer contacts each day, Hilti needed a process to properly understand the customer experience in order to fully optimise digital and physical interactions. Hilti’s CX team set off to work on defining a blueprint for future customer experience through customer journey mapping.

Hilti turned to Quadient Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) to create detailed customer journey maps, connect appropriate communication pieces to every touchpoint, and discover pain points along the journey. Hilti departments collaborate virtually so action can be taken to improve the customer experience.

The Customer Experience managers from the CX team at Hilti use Quadient Customer Journey Mapping on a regular basis. Thanks to remote collaboration with business users from multiple global departments, the team mapped the most important customer journeys covering more than a thousand interaction points. During virtual CX workshops, Hilti’s CX team discovered and formalised pain points. The first phase of their CX project enabled them to prioritise the most important CX tasks to improve the customers’ experience with Hilti.

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