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Webinar - How to guard your business against Accounts Payable fraud

Thursday, Feb 9th 2023 - 11.00 am

About this webinar

There are many advantages to automating and digitising your accounts payable (AP) processes and one of the key benefits is the ability to spot and counter possible fraud.

The pandemic taught companies of all sizes that manual processes create dangerous gaps in maintaining and strengthening robust financial controls. It’s important for companies to understand the risk exposures created and amplified as AP and finance teams operate with more remote working and face increasingly sophisticated scammers and fraudsters.

Fraudsters have become even more active, and this presents challenges as companies focus on how to deliver value to customers in the new business environment.

In this webinar Accounting Webs, editor at large John Stokdyk will be joined by Dominic Febers from Quadient AP by Beanworks, Nathan Keeley from Carpenter Box and Andrei Viscu, a customer, from Steer Automotive Group. 

We’ll be looking at how Andrei is using the accounting software, NetSuite and Quadient AP, to automate the accounts payable process and the advantages that can be gained by digitising your accounts payable processes, as further outlined in the agenda below.


•    Identify and stop payment fraud and the trends and scams to look out for
•    Get a better handle on cost control for your clients or your business
•    Ensure that your AP processes are efficient and secure
•    Have clearer visibility of cashflow by automating AP

How to guard your business against Accounts Payable fraud