Document Automation for Insurance

Tuesday, Aug 30th 2022
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The insurance industry has faced myriad difficulties and challenges related to the global pandemic. New regulations, increased claim payments to policyholders, and new ways of working. Additionally, customer expectations have increased, and competition has intensified.

In response, many insurers are rethinking how they manage and send critical customer communications including renewals, declarations, endorsements, policy documents, notices, and more. One simple tool that you may not have considered or be aware of that can offer your business a host of benefits is an intelligent document automation platform

What is automated document management?

The physical and opportunity costs of inefficient document processes are often underestimated. Preparing and processing documents represents a significant operational expense. Aside from the cost of paper, envelopes, ink, and postage, it takes time away from your employees that could be spent more productively.

In a completely manual process, employees must print, sort, group, and insert documents into envelopes. In addition, they must validate contact information to reduce the incidence of undeliverable mail. All these costs add up to thousands of dollars depending on the size of your organization and your mail volume.

Automating document processes allows you to optimize and streamline all the steps required to create, personalize, and send customer communications. An intelligent document automation platform enables you to manage all your documents with one easily integrated solution. It provides the flexibility to securely send documents through multiple channels (physical or digital), such as email or a dedicated customer portal.

With intelligent document automation software, you can personalize documents, group separate documents for the same recipient to reduce postal costs or add targeted promotional messaging. Modern platforms even have a built-in approval process so you can review documents from anywhere to ensure they are consistent and meet your brand guidelines.

Automation can be applied to single or batch communications, whether it is a notice of claim,  life insurance forms, or default and unpaid notices. You can also choose to offload large, cumbersome mailings to a secure, outsource facility and reduce your mailing process to just a few clicks. 

The top 5 automation benefits for your insurance business

  2. 1. Enhance customer experience: Customer experience is essential to maintaining and growing your business. With document automation, processing time is decreased, and errors are reduced, resulting in a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction.


Personalizing communications and distributing them according to your customers' preferences also significantly boosts customer satisfaction. 

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  1. Reduce operational expenses: Reducing or replacing paper-based communications will save you money on postal costs and mailing supplies. 
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  1. Increase security and compliance: Automating your document delivery reduces the risk of human error and ensures that the right documents go to the right customer. 
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  1. Boost employee engagement and productivity: By eliminating time-consuming tasks, your employees can focus on your core business. 
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  1. Save time: Significantly decrease the time it takes to prepare outbound communications. 
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What types of insurance documents can be automated?

Nearly all insurance documents, from the initial application to underwriting to claims processing, can be automated. Automation dramatically reduces the time it takes insurers to create documents, reduces costly errors, increases profit margins, and delivers a better overall customer experience.

Examples of insurance documents that can be automated include:


Underwriting documentation can be quickly and accurately completed with document automation software. Underwriting templates can be utilized to guide the underwriter and the proposed insurer. The automation software captures client information in the assessment document that is used to calculate the premium. Calculations are completed and the document can be delivered to the client digitally for review and signature.

Claims Processing

The efficient processing of claims is critical for the success of insurance companies, yet it is often a time-consuming and highly manual process taking several days as agents require data from multiple sources. The inherent risk of human error can further delay the process.

With document automation software, claims information can be captured electronically and client information from a database can be included in reports. All required information can be shared with the adjuster so that they can assess the veracity of the claim. 

Policy Creation

Policy creation can also be expedited using document automation software. Clients can complete forms online and the relevant supporting documentation can be captured.

The software utilizes the information provided to create a policy document with the required clauses and coverage details. Clients can then sign the policy document using a digital signature and make the payment digitally. A similar process can be used to renew insurance policies.

How to get started with document automation in insurance?

Now that you understand the benefits that intelligent document automation can bring to your insurance business, you may be wondering how to get started.

We suggest that you start by focussing on the following steps:

  1. Analyze the current state of your business
  2. Analyze and document your current processes
  3. Design your ideal future state processes and define your goals
  4. Identify every staff member, every step and every technology that will be involved
  5. Study success stories from your peers
  6. Focus on long term value



Don’t get left behind! Improve client experience and employee engagement, reduce operational expenses and ensure insurance document security with intelligent document automation.

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