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The Growing Demand for Cloud CCM 

As customers embrace digital interactions with unprecedented momentum, many enterprises are turning to SaaS Cloud Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions to accelerate their communication digitalization efforts. In fact, a 2022 Aspire survey found that two thirds of enterprises expect to deploy their CCM solutions through a virtual private cloud or multi-tenant/SaaS configuration by 2024. Cloud SaaS CCM is increasingly gaining popularity and replacing the on-premise, perpetual license model.

If you're looking to meet evolving consumer demands with superior digital communications, then we encourage you to take the time to consider the benefits of a cloud subscription CCM solution. Understand the dynamics of this fast-growing tech category with complimentary access to an exclusive point-of-view paper by Aspirethe CCM industry's leading analyst and market research firm. 

Download your complimentary copy to learn:

  • How cloud SaaS provides the scalability and cloud native capabilities needed to accelerate digital transformation
  • Why enterprises are turning to subscription CCM to rapidly go-to-market with new channels and capabilities
  • Five key benefits of a cloud deployed, subscription-based CCM solution and driving investment goals/priorities
  • What's at stake for businesses that fail to deliver a superior communications experience across channels 
  • How Quadient's 'Edge' subscription solution eliminates server-based limitations and creates cost predictability 


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