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Consumers are accustomed to receiving email notifications for everything from bill reminders to service renewals and order confirmations, but as they increasingly opt-in to electronic communications, their inboxes are becoming so inundated that critical messages are getting lost in the mix. The result? Missed information and delayed process completion.

In today’s fast-paced world, we need notifications that can break free from the digital noise and capture our attention when and where we are. Mobile notifications deliver the immediacy and visibility that busy consumers need to manage time-sensitive, multi-step business processes, whether it be applying for a mortgage loan or submitting a claim with a health insurer. Integrating mobile notifications as an extension of your process automation strategy is becoming essential to a competitive customer experience, but some companies are lagging. Forrester's Q1 2020 Global Digital Process Automation Survey found that 77% of respondents have at least a few processes that are paper-based and 63% reported that many, most, or all of their processes leverage electronic manual processes, like spreadsheets and email.

In this Forrester report, Improve Customer Experiences with Proactive Communications, you’ll discover how to use mobile notifications to:   

•    Reduce the time and cost of manual information exchange
•    Automate and accelerate processes that require user actions
•    Empower customers with end-to-end process transparency 
•    Enable customer service to focus on more strategic work
•    Align CX with process automation technologies & strategies

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