Hilti leverages Quadient’s Customer Journey Mapping for exceptional customer experiences

Hilti case study

Hilti is a global market leader in demolition and construction technology with direct customer relationships that result in about 250,000 individual customer contacts each day. The company needed a process to properly understand the customer experience in order to fully optimize digital and physical customer interactions.

Hilti’s CX team turned to Quadient® Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) to create detailed customer journey maps, connect appropriate communication pieces to every touchpoint, and discover pain points along the journey. Hilti departments collaborate virtually so action can be taken to improve the customer experience.

"With the visibility and insights that we gain through Quadient Customer Journey Mapping, Hilti is able to take meaningful steps to fulfill their needs in order to continue delivering innovation and technologically-leading products and services to our global markets.”
Catherine Moulinier, Customer Experience Manager at Hilti

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