Musgrave Group Powers Payments with Neotrax

Learn how Musgrave leverages Quadient Neotrax to revolutionize their document location processes.

cover image of case study

Musgrave Group needed a solution that could optimize processing, storing and retrieval of vital SEPA documents. With the seamless integration between Neotrax and Musgrave's core business management software, SEPA documents can be located in an instant from right across the group.

Find out how Musgrave Group was able to:

  • Easily track documents throughout their organisation
  • Get the right information to the right people when they need it
  • Reduce storage and other costs associated with managing physical documents
  • Protect your business against catastrophic loss of data
  • Increase productivity and minimise time spent searching for misplaced documents
  • Improve your accounting process by tracking invoices received
  • Speed up payments by never losing delivery dockets and automating the invoicing process

Download the case study to learn more.