Quadient software and hardware revolutionize Automated HealthCare Solutions’ document processes

Automated Healthcare Solutions case study

Automated HealthCare Solutions (AHCS) processes $2 million in claims weekly and sends out an average of 100,000 pieces of communications per month. Because the company’s cash flow is tied to claims, it is imperative that claims are processed in a timely manner. As the business was growing, the amount of paper and documentation that needed to be organized, assembled, and sent out was becoming increasingly difficult to manage manually and was costing AHCS more labor and postage spend.

By automating processes with Quadient’s hardware and software solutions, AHCS has eliminated its time-consuming manual document preparation process and has optimized employee resources. AHCS’s manual 6–8-hour process was reduced to less than 2 hours, providing labor savings from weekend and overtime work. Within the first year, AHCS realized over $250,000 in savings in postage alone and achieved ROI in less than 10 months. 

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