Recocash modernizes its customer reminder process with Quadient Inspire

recocash case study

To maintain customer satisfaction and stay ahead of payment trends, Recocash, a leader in the credit management industry based in France, sought to improve its average payment term by standardizing and optimizing its customer communications process. Recocash implemented Quadient Inspire, which won over Recocash’s decision makers with its ease of use, flexibility, and powerful features. Quadient’s solution has streamlined the customer communications process, reduced the IT department’s workload, and made it easier for business users to manage communications. The back office now has the autonomy to create documents and effectively manage the growing volumes of outsourced mail.

“Benefits will be measured over time, however, we adopted the most comprehensive vision possible—a single workflow that will facilitate, if necessary, the transition to a new business tool in the future, and also the reassignment of current operational staff to higher-value tasks. This makes us more agile and better able to prioritize tasks and structure our organization.”
– Fabienne Tabel, Recocash CEO

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