Transform Manual Customer Processes into Digital Experiences

Discover how you can deliver an end-to-end digital CX with Quadient + Daylight

Transform Manual Customer Processes into Digital Experiences

Quadient is thrilled to introduce Daylight as one of the newest members of Quadient’s Partner Experience Program. 

A provider of form-based, digital data capture solutions, Daylight enables Quadient Inspire customers to extend the power of their CCM solution by digitally transforming common, customer service touchpoints and integrating them into the holistic customer journey. Daylight enables rapid digitization of manual customer processes via form-based workflows that trigger real-time data processing and personalized communications output.

Discover how Daylight extends the capabilities of Inspire by enabling businesses to:

  • Turn data-driven, manual customer processes into 1:1, digital engagement opportunities
  • Replace printed forms with digital forms that automate data collection and validation
  • Streamline and integrate processes between front and back office teams and systems
  • Offer increased convenience and efficiency to customers with digital, self-service options

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