For years, CCM teams have feared the question “what’s next?”

Often this question is rather thanklessly answered by key business stakeholders demanding ever increasing capabilities and channels from you. From line-of-business control of content through to smartphone push notifications and smart watch integration, CX demands in a digital era are constantly changing. 

Even when your engineers work tirelessly to deliver on poor requirements in tight timescales, you’re often overlooked when it comes time for recognition to the benefit of teams higher up the value chain. On the bright side though – you bought Quadient Inspire, so you aren’t overloaded with navigating channel-specific platforms and crippled by technical debt. 

So, after the omnichannel expansion and the digital revolution, what’s next? 

Journeys. And they’re the reward for all your efforts so far. 

Executives are quickly amending strategies from “customer satisfaction” to “customer obsession” in recognition of CX reigning as the defining factor in the long-term success of the company. Customer journeys are at the heart of the experience, but they only work if you can communicate inside of the experience that you create. Your team is integral in understanding these journeys, and leveraging journey management tools to merge CCM and CX at each touchpoint, creates experiences that drive value. 

Join global analysts Quadrant Knowledge Solutions and Quadient on September 30th as CX Analyst Priyanka Panhale explains why customer journey management and customer communications work better together, and then listen as CX Principal, Andrew Stevens, guides you through practical first steps in simultaneously transforming your CCM solution to meet tomorrow’s needs and positioning your CCM team much higher up your company value chain.


Priyanka Panhale

Priyanka Panhale,

Analyst- Customer Experience and Commerce

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions



Andrew Stevens Andrew Stevens,

Product Marketing Lead, Inspire Journey




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