Build better experiences


Understand customer behaviour in real-time with intelligent insights from analytics.


Intelligently interact with your customers by delivering highly personalized and relevant content.


Enable your team to improve the CX through recommended next-best-actions.

Understand, measure and optimize journeys

Customer journey management

With Customer Journey Explorer, CX professionals are equipped with an unparalleled, and complete view of the most effective steps and interactions within a journey, allowing them to understand, measure, and optimize the journeys to increase customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention.

Complimentary IDC Report:
"Future of Customer and Consumer Vendor Profile: Quadient Customer Journey Mapping - Better Understanding of the Customer"

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Create actionable journey maps

Quadient Customer Journey Mapping provides a powerful combined view of an organization’s collective journeys along with key success metrics and analytics in one easy-to-use dashboard. Quadient Customer Journey Mapping is the only technology on the market that integrates communication templates within the context of the journey so that CX improvements can be made in real-time.

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Bring action to intelligence

Customer journey analytics

Quadient Customer Journey Explorer enables companies to:

  • Map and understand customer journeys along with metrics and KPI's 
  • Centralize management of communication experiences
  • Contextualize customer journeys
  • Inform data-driven decisions
  • Measure CX performance 
  • Orchestrate and individualize interactions 
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Why is Customer Journey Orchestration important?

What is customer journey orchestration

In order to remain relevant, organizations must understand how to engage with their customers across every step of the journey. Breaking down, or connecting, silos is critical. When organizations aren’t able to share data between and among departments and channels, the customer feels it; the experience is fragmented and takes effort. As a practice, customer journey orchestration means bridging the gaps between teams and systems to better understand your customers’ individual experiences.

Customer journey orchestration helps bring action to customer touchpoints by understanding the context of the interactions, and makes real-time decisions about next-best actions.


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review layout

Quadient 在 2020 年 Aspire CCM 排行榜中被评为全面领导者

Quadient 在 2020 年 Aspire 排行榜中连续三年被评为全面领导者 (Overall Leader),该排行榜是一个在线品牌定位门户网站,致力于为客户沟通管理 (CCM) 提供商提供动态交互式供应商比较服务。

Quadient 赠送 30 天免费访问 2020 年 Aspire 排行榜门户的天数。

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