The ‘API-fication’ of financial services: Adapting to a customer centric world.

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12:00pm to 12:45pm SGT

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The 'API-fication' of the financial services industry is underway, driven by the institutions to become truly customer centric. In a mobile first world where customer experience is set not by the financial institutions, but the likes of Uber and the GAFA’s (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), financial services companies are opening up access to backend systems through API’s to support 3rd party FinTechs, partners and omni-channel engagement points.

Supported and driven by changing regulatory environments, this unavoidable change will only accelerate. The need for data driven, real-time, responsive customer communication to support these changes in the financial industry is growing.

Ovum and GMC Software are pleased to present a webinar on how financial service providers are impacted by these changes, and where the market is likely to head next.

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • The impact of API in the financial services industry in a customer centric world.
  • How it impacts services such as payments.
  • 3rd party apps driving data driven communications.
  • Multichannel and omni-channel communication.
  • Why financial institutes, particularly in the mature markets of APAC (such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia) are increasingly turning to strategic partners such as GMC Software to improve customer experience and engagement.



Gilles Ubaghs

Gilles Ubaghs, Ovum

Principal Analyst - Financial Services Technology

Gilles Ubaghs is a Principal Analyst in Ovum's Financial Services Technology team, focusing on global retail payment systems and services.

He specialises in the impact of payments transformation and the implications across the payments value chain. This can range from issuers and payment providers through to new payment players, and merchants.

Gilles key areas of expertise include the use of technology across the payments value chain including issuer, acquirer and merchant capabilities, and their digital transformation strategies.

He helps businesses understand how the payments market is evolving and what this means for them. Gilles also produces bespoke research and consulting work on opportunity analyses and data-centric projects.


Antoine Hemon-Laurens

Antoine Hemon-Laurens, GMC Software

Product Marketing Manager

Antoine Hemon-Laurens is an expert in Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Engagement solutions.

His role at GMC Software is to drive product strategy and to conceive innovative solutions helping insurers and banks to better engage with their customers.

Antoine focuses on web & mobile solutions, customer engagement and digital signatures to help enterprises grow their revenues and reduce their operational costs.