Baltimore Executive Roundtable

Baltimore Convention Center, Room 321, 215-299 S Sharp St, Baltimore, MD 21201, USA

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Special NPF Edition!

Will you be at National Postal Forum? Join our roundtable discussion on streamlining your data processing - lunch included!

Whether you're already using Satori Ignite or are looking for a solution to streamline your data processes, there's something for you at our Roundtable event at National Postal Forum. We'll be talking about key areas of opportunity with Satori Ignite to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to process your customer files, increase overall efficiency and productivity, and enable your growth initiatives while containing costs. Ignite is transforming the way that businesses are processing their data with incredible results.

If you're not already using Ignite you'll find out:

  • How other businesses like yours have improved their data operations, processing files in 90%+ less time
  • How Ignite incorporates the entire end-to-end data process, including postal products
  • How Ignite can transform your current processes and eliminate coding and scripting typically required to transform and move data

If you're a current Ignite customer you'll learn:

  • What's new and coming up for Ignite
  • Tips, tricks and best practices from other Ignite users
  • Successes from other Ignite users

Get a chance to ask your questions to our our Ignite team... and more!

12:00pm - 1:30pm
Baltimore Convention Center, Room 321

Baltimore Executive Roundtable

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