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Big DataCleaner in the Cloud

The next revolutionary step for your favorite Data Quality solution

We are very happy and proud to announce the release of our product DataCleaner 5.0!

In this new version, two important themes were tackled with regard to DataCleaner functionality: Native support for Hadoop, enabling the management of quality on Big Data and online data enrichments through the new DataCloud platform.

As of this version, DataCleaner is offering native integration with the Hadoop eco-system. Hadoop has been disrupting the world of data in recent years by overcoming traditional barriers to data growth and sparking new business opportunities based on detailed modelling user behaviour and enabling data-driven decision making. With DataCleaner 5.0 we offer two styles of integrating with Hadoop. Next to the fact that the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) can be used as a file system in DataCleaner, you can also treat Hadoop as an execution platform using the Spark processing engine. This way the processing is being brought to the data, leveraging the computing power of your Hadoop cluster, instead of the other way around. 

Furthermore, we are introducing a new cloud platform: DataCloud. Using DataCloud with the DataCleaner, enrichment services are automatically discovered as soon as they are published, and added as functions in the DataCleaner user interface. DataCloud has been implemented with the so-called remote components capability. This capability can also be used as private cloud for custom services inside your organization. At this point in time, the following services are being offered via DataCloud:

  • Address correction
  • Name correction
  • Email correction
  • Phone correction
  • Consumer check for the Netherlands
  • Deceased check for the Netherlands


Naturally, many more services will be added in time. With a connection to DataCloud , you will get online data enrichments in your DataCleaner fast and easy.

Finally, DataCleaner 5.0 is offering some additional new features. As of now, we are offering an in-house 2 or 3 day training program for you and your team. Next to this program, we are offering a new connector to ElasticSearch via the REST protocol, a new connector to Neo4j, and lots of improvements on web user experience, desktop+monitor integration and configurability.

As you can see, DataCleaner 5.0 is another giant leap forward in the development of this smart data quality solution.

We want you to enjoy DataCleaner 5.0!