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Human Inference celebrates 30th anniversary

Arnhem, the Netherlands, 6 April 2016 – Human Inference, the European market leader in data quality solutions, is proud to celebrate three decades of leadership in data quality and data management.

Human Inference was established on 1 April 1986 by two friends, insurance company employees at the time, who realised that organisations could operate far more effectively if they improved the quality of their customer data. Human Inference was able to facilitate this need by developing data quality software based on a steadily growing body of knowledge and intelligent – near-human – matching methods. This was how the name Human Inference originated. The first solution created by Human Inference was Intelligent Retrieval, which was used by Informatikum and other companies in fighting fraud involving FISH, an application commonly used in the insurance industry. Financial services providers continue to be a major part of the clientele to this day, while the Human Inference matching technology remains one of the key products.

The founders witnessed the rapid growth of their company in the home market of the Netherlands and soon made their first forays into Germany and Belgium. The year 2012 saw another milestone for Human Inference, when the company was incorporated into the innovative software division of multinational Neopost. Along with companies such as GMC Software, Human Inference is currently one of the founders of Neopost Enterprise Digital Solutions.

Benoit Berson, Human Inference’s Managing Director: “Human Inference is a unique company whose competitive edge lies in our knowledge and quality. We are proud of being able to celebrate three decades in the data quality market. We have consistently shown dedication to our loyal customers throughout the years and have always provided organisations with innovative and high-quality data solutions. Having once again been recognised as a visionary by research and advisory firm Gartner in 2015, Human Inference is investing in the international supply of data quality and MDM (Master Data Management) solutions across all available platforms. This way, we effectively contribute to the strategy of our parent company Neopost, which specialises in efficiency in customer interaction. At Human Inference, we believe that any organisation should benefit from the value of their data. We are more determined than ever to achieve that objective.”

Human Inference’s software and specialists have proved their worth over the past 30 years in the field of data quality and fraud management solutions and a Single Customer View. The company enjoys an excellent reputation as a data quality specialist and has been recognised for many years as a visionary by leading research firms such as Gartner. 

Besides its head office in the Netherlands, Human Inference also operates branches in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and Denmark. The company’s software incorporates language-specific and culture-specific expertise of more than 85 countries, enabling it to support organisations around the world in achieving and retaining a Single Customer View, comply with laws and regulations, detect fraud, and identify business opportunities. In addition, Human Inference also offers a comprehensive package of professional services and best-practice solutions to provide organisations with the best possible support in their data management.