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Human Inference to optimise data quality at Red Cross

Arnhem, the Netherlands, 20 May 2016 – Human Inference, a subsidiary of Neopost and the European market leader in data quality solutions, has been contracted to assist the Netherlands Red Cross in improving the quality of its data. Currently in the process of upgrading and enhancing its overall IT landscape, the aid organisation has decided to use Human Inference’s data quality software in managing its donor base and recruiting new donors.

General Fundraising Policy

Leo van der Zalm, Fundraising Manager at the Netherlands Red Cross: ‘We provide emergency aid and relief during disasters and conflicts. With a global network of more than 17 million volunteers, the Red Cross is always there in time of need. However, we rely on the financial support of our numerous donors to facilitate our work. In order to manage our donor data as effectively and efficiently as possible, we contracted Nexios, a supplier of innovative IT solutions, to upgrade our CRM fundraising system. The master data management software provided by Human Inference provides exactly what we need: we use it to monitor data quality and optimise our fundraising campaigns.’ The Netherlands Red Cross will be using Human Inference’s data quality software for a variety of purposes, including standardisation, validation and the deduplication of donor data. This will ultimately result in a Single Donor View for all private and corporate donors.

Donor data versus customer data

Rik van den Oosterkamp, Human Inference’s Business Director: ‘We are pleased and proud that the Netherlands Red Cross has entrusted us with this important project. The Red Cross also happens to be an organisation whose mission we fully support – the work of charity organisations affects us all in some way, and we are proud to be a part of that.’

Account Manager Dennis Groenhuijzen adds: ‘The Red Cross is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and is sustained by the selfless efforts of its volunteers and donors. The challenges involved in recruiting and retaining donors are essentially the same as those faced by private companies: ensuring you can make the most of the value of the available customer data.’

Integrated data quality

Nexios acknowledges the value of using data quality software for fundraising purposes. Nexios Managing Director Maxim Kapteijns: ‘We knew right from the outset that data quality would need to be an integral part of the process of setting up a new fundraising system. Fundraising depends on reliable data – it’s essential for successfully retaining and recruiting donors. As an aid organisation, the Red Cross has an ongoing need for new donors and is keenly aware of the role of data quality in achieving its objectives. We are therefore very proud to be partnering with Human Inference for this project and, as part of our new alliance, to help ensure that the key data used by the Red Cross is reliable and will remain so in the future.’

About the Netherlands Red Cross

As part of the world’s largest humanitarian aid network – the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement – the Netherlands Red Cross provides emergency aid and relief during disasters and conflicts. With a network of more than 17 million volunteers worldwide, the Red Cross is always there in time of need. Our first-aid cover consists of protective and life-saving measures, and we provide shelter, food, clean drinking water and medical care to all those in need. Our aim is to save as many lives as possible. The Red Cross abides by the same seven Fundamental Principles worldwide. These principles hold that all human beings are entitled to respect and dignity, that those with the greatest need should be assisted first, and that we do not discriminate on the basis of religious beliefs, nationality, race, origin or political opinions.