Mainstream or marginalised: where is insurtech as we end 2017?

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This webinar will look at 2017 in terms of the major developments and trends in InsurTech. Has any progress been made by the fledgling sector?

Among the subjects we will look at include:

  • A reflection on where we are in terms of start-ups raising money in 2017. Has it become easier, harder, or the same?
  • A look back at the movement in the insurer investment space, with a number of high profile developments.
  • Has the sector lived up to the hype and are people more cynical or optimistic about insurtech now than at the start of the year?
  • Has US behemoth Lemonade had any halo effect on the UK and Europe?
  • Do you think the regulator/political parties are more in tune with insurtech/fintech than they were before?
  • Who are the insurtech heroes of 2017?
  • Who are the villains?
  • As we end 2017, do we think the UK insurtech space is in a better shape than at the start of the year? Where does it rank on the global scene?
  • How would and could the insurtech sector pimp up Santa and his team to make Christmas more efficient?

This complimentary webinar hosted by Insurance Post and Quadient is live and interactive. During the webinar you can write into our expert panellists and submit any questions you have using our Q&A feature. 

Presented by:

Jonathan Swift 
content director,

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Alan Thomas
chief commercial officer,
Simply Business

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Steven Mendel
founder and CEO,
Bought By Many

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Jon Mansley,
head of digital strategy,

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