Roundtable Sydney

It’s no secret the continual evolution and innovation in technology has radically changed the customer experience (CX); as a result of this, the customer journey is constantly changing. Across all markets, the challenge is being able to stay ahead of the game when it comes to CX. As an industry leader, how do you provide a great customer experience when your customer’s behaviour and expectations are changing rapidly? Is your organisation doing everything to engage with customers throughout their customer journey?   

Over lunch we will be looking at the challenges the industry, sharing best practices, the importance of customer experience and how easily a good CX strategy can be achieved.

Through the sharing of research and insights, we hope to facilitate a valuable and insightful discussion on the topics below:

  • What are the CX challenges facing the industry?
  • Defining moments in the customer journey that can make or break CX.
  • Strategies and methods that significantly impact and benefit your organisation without raising operational costs.
  • The importance of data driven, personalised communications at every touch point.

Join us on Thursday, 24 August for this exclusive, invite-only roundtable lunch (Starting at 12pm). To express your interest please contact Diana Doddrell, Event Manager at RFi Events representing GMC Software.