Satori® Software Finds Huge Efficiency Gains in Data Processing with Launch of New Solution, Satori IGNITE

SEATTLE, WA – June 7, 2016 – Satori Software, a leader in mailing and direct marketing software, announced today the launch of a new solution – Satori IGNITE. In an effort to support print and mail service providers in a new and different way, Satori has introduced a dramatically different approach to data processing.

Working with industry leaders and applying the expertise gained in Satori Software’s 30+ year history, Satori IGNITE has fueled efficiency gains for large print service providers – as never seen before. With the implementation of Satori IGNITE, customers are seeing an over 90% improvement in data processing time. This process efficiency gain and streamlined approach provides the opportunity for low cost growth in an industry that has faced numerous challenges in recent years.

“We are setting in motion a new way for commercial printers and mailers to fuel growth. There is a need in the industry to work more efficiently, smarter and faster in order to take advantage of opportunities to grow and expand the business,” said Joe Zurawski, Vice President of Strategy at Satori Software.

Historically, this industry has looked at costs associated with materials, resources and other related areas of the business. IGNITE offers a different approach. An architecture review allows for areas of improvement to be identified in current processes. This combined with automated workflows, optimized distribution, elimination of complex code maintenance and streamlined processes allows IGNITE to help control costs while enabling growth. The results have been impressive and have enabled customers to double capacity without adding people, reduce processing time on monthly jobs from 3 days to 15 minutes and increase mail processing by over 40%.

The new IGNITE workflow allows business to run CASS™, data transformation, merge/purge, parsing, presort, and Post Presort processes, in one continuous stream, consolidating disparate systems using separate resources into one end-to-end flow.

This new offering has been implemented by a number of Satori Software’s high-volume print and mailing customers and is set to expand even further. Satori IGNITE helps businesses fuel their growth by increasing throughput, eliminating complexities, consolidating vendors, streamlining processes, and scaling rapidly with ease.

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