Using Customer Journey Mapping to Achieve Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

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CEM China Summit : Post-Conference Workshop

Time: 9am-12pm

Increasing service expectations and the proliferation of engagement channels in the digital age has propelled B2B organisations to prioritise customer centricity as their key business differentiator. In the quest to provide consistent yet seamless customer experience, recognising the importance of customer journey optimisation while transiting from silo systems to intelligently taking control of the omni-channel ecosystem will be critical to delivering superior business results.
Key Learning Outcomes:
Embracing digital and mastering omni-channel B2B customer engagement
Understanding the value of customer journey mapping in customer acquisition and engagement
Mapping the entire customer journey across channels and putting customer interactions in context
Drawing relevance from the customer journey in designing transitions and experiences across channels
Bridging the gaps between devices and channels for an improved and unified customer experience
Workshop Leaders:
Laurent Ghio
Senior Product Marketing Manager, SaaS & Customer Experience, Quadient China
Riccardo Pasto
Senior Analyst, Forrester Research