Webinar: Best Practices in Customer Journey Mapping

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Customer Experience is one of the hot topics on the executive’s table. While everyone is focusing on NPS scores, and building strategy to hit the first place, it is sometimes good to take a step back and analyse the elements that are needed to build a sustainable and successful customer experience. In a series of 3 webinars, Aspire and GMC Software will give an overview of key elements and best practices, on Technologies, Customer Journey Mapping, and the Compliance aspect of customer communications: 

Webinar #2) Customer Journey Mapping 

Customer journey mapping is getting a lot of interest lately as it provides an elegant way to identify and visualise broken experiences. In this webinar, we will take a look at some of the best practices we have seen around journey mapping, and provide an update on where GMC Software is going with its recently launched Customer Journey Mapping solution. 

You will discover how Customer Journey Mapping tool makes it easy for CX and Marketing executives to view – and take action to improve – their organizations entire portfolio of customer communications through a single web interface, regardless of the underlying communication technology. 

- Kaspar Roos, Founder and CEO of CCM/CX Strategy Firm Aspire 
- Laurent Ghio, Senior Product Manager for Customer Journey Mapping Solutions, GMC Software 

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