Partnering with Kitewheel, Quadient Launches an Enriched Solution for Comprehensive Management of Customer Journeys

Quadient Customer Journey Explorer enhances the award-winning Quadient Inspire platform to strengthen customer experience capabilities

Quadient, a leader in helping businesses create meaningful customer connections through digital and physical channels, announced today it has partnered with Kitewheel, a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Journey Orchestration Platforms Q2 2020, to offer an enriched solution for managing the most important steps and interactions within a customer’s journey. The new solution, Quadient Customer Journey Explorer, developed by Quadient’s Customer Experience Management team, provides unified management of vital customer communication touchpoints, making it possible to understand, measure and optimize each journey to increase customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention.

Customer Journey Explorer uses the elements of customer journey mapping, customer journey analytics and customer journey orchestration to manage a journey that connects to critical channels, offers insights into individualized experiences and empowers organizations with a richer profile of what customers want and need. Having the ability to understand and anticipate what customers are looking for brings action to journey maps, enabling real-time decisions to be made and providing customers with personalized communications that enrich the customer experience.

To ensure customer satisfaction and  loyalty, organizations must have the ability to engage with their customers in meaningful and relevant ways across every step of their journey,” said Chris Hartigan, chief solution officer, Customer Experience Management, Quadient.Key to this is the ability to centrally manage customer journeys. Quadient Customer Journey Explorer helps facilitate this by breaking down silos that prevent the sharing of data between and among departments and channels. Our strategic partnership with Kitewheel makes it possible to deliver a more complete and robust mapping solution with the addition of customer journey orchestration and rich analytics. Fully integrated with Quadient Inspire’s robust communication management capabilities, we are pleased to now offer the most intelligent communication platform on the market.”

It is vital for organizations to understand their key customer journeys so they deliver the best possible communication experience to their customers. Businesses must enable collaboration across multiple departments to ensure their customers get the most out of their interactions through communication touchpoints along those journeys, which are the sum of every interaction an individual customer has with a brand, from the first moment they see an ad, to onboarding, to renewal, to a satisfaction survey response.

“These are very exciting times to be in the customer journey space,” said Mark Smith, president, Kitewheel. “It feels like the whole market has realized that orchestrating a great customer experience is a winning strategy for their business. We are excited to partner together with Quadient to link vital communication touchpoints throughout a rich customer journey experience.”

“Customer experience is today’s battlefield in business, especially during the pandemic” said Geoffrey Godet, CEO, Quadient. “Delivering products and solutions that create relevant and personalized interactions is at the core of our purpose. Customer Journey Explorer and our partnership with Kitewheel helps connect insights to actions, which is integral to our strategy to firmly maintain our leadership in the customer experience management space.”

For more information on the customer journey, download the complimentary ebook: “Moments That Matter: Critical Touchpoints that Make or Break the Customer Experience.”

About Quadient®

Quadient is the driving force behind the world’s most meaningful customer experiences. By focusing on four key solution areas including Customer Experience Management, Business Process Automation, Mail-Related Solutions, and Parcel Locker Solutions, Quadient helps simplify the connection between people and what matters. Quadient supports hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide in their quest to create relevant, personalized connections and achieve customer experience excellence. Quadient is listed in compartment B of Euronext Paris (QDT) and is part of the CAC® Mid & Small index.


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