2018 CCW Market Study

The Customer Experience

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CCW 2018 Market Guide to CX

According to this year's customer experience report, many organizations are failing to markedly improve their customer experiences. They are failing to empower agents to perform. They are failing to turn their customer-centric ideologies into customer contact realities.  Money, clearly, is not the sole driver of a great customer experience.

A more appropriate evaluation, therefore, involves asking organizations to “put their results where their money is.” A test of whether organizations are sourcing the right solutions and whether they are incorporating those solutions into the right overall customer experience vision, the results approach more accurately signals customer centricity. It more accurately confirms whether the organization is investing in what it thinks will work or actually delivering what customers really want.

This report is a form of “test prep.” Citing data from CCW Digital’s annual consumer survey, it reveals what customers want – and whether organizations are delivering. The answers are simultaneously encouraging and sobering; by revealing that customers are not quite as demanding as many thought leaders suggest, it makes organizations’ failure to deliver all-the more disappointing.

It then reveals whether organizations are building a framework for actually meeting customer demands. That framework fosters an understanding of whether popular customer contact investments and initiatives will actually prove successful. It closes by providing a look at some real-world solutions – all backed by case study insights – for building a customer-centric vision and deploying tools for supporting that vision.

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