5 ways to overcome marketing silos in Asia

How to meet customer expectations through centralization and collaboration.

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5 ways to overcome marketing silos in Asia

When it comes to marketing and other communications, customers dictate the rules of engagement. The days of top-down, one-way communication are over. Today, customers expect a consistent, seamless and interactive experience, regardless of device or channel.

Imagine, for example, that your bank sends you an invitation to apply for a low-rate home loan. You start the application during your lunch break, but are interrupted before you can finish. Later, on the train home from work, you pick up your tablet to resume your application, only to discover your responses did not get saved. You decide the low interest rate is worth the inconvenience of starting over, and begin again.

Two questions in, you realize the mobile form looks different from the one you started earlier on your desktop computer – the phrasing and branding are inconsistent. You do not want to waste time filling in what looks like the wrong form, so you abandon the process and make a mental note to try again tomorrow at work. And then you forget.

This experience is not an uncommon one. Chances are, some of your customers feel this way too. It is not that marketers are making processes difficult on purpose – that is the last thing they want to do. Rather, inconsistent customer experiences are the result of marketers operating within silos. A lack of communication between marketing teams and external departments leads to dissatisfied consumers.

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