Case Study: Eversfrank

From a printing company to one-to-one marketing service provider with Quadient

Case Study: Eversfrank

The Eversfrank Group is one of Germany’s five largest independent print and media service providers. Established in 1993 through the merger of the Evers and Frank printing companies, Eversfrank now has more than 1,200 employees in 29 firms. The company has 12 locations and generates revenues totaling more than €275 million (2014/15). 

Eversfrank was planning its own digital printing factory. The goal: to provide innovative one-to-one marketing services with cutting-edge technology and to offer long-standing customer relationships prospects for the future. 

Quadient (formerly GMC Software) gave Eversfrank the technological capability to have flexibility in high-volume printing, flexibility that can be incorporated in cross-channel communication strategies. 

Digital printing factory established in less than a year. 

  • New market segment opened up with innovative products. 
  • Successful transformation to service provider for high-grade customized omni-channel communication.

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