Customer Due Diligence: automated screening with High Precision Matching

How to keep your organization guarded against financial risk

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Customer Due Diligence

How can you contribute to your company's Customer Due Diligence policy from your expertise? How can you, as an expert in the area of CDD, ensure that your organization is guarded against financial risk without deterring desirable clients at the same time? How do you ensure a faster acceptance procedure, and how do you avoid a large number of potential hits when screening against sanction lists? And how do you manage CDD so that your existing clients who appear in several systems are not having to be screened more often than necessary? And how do I manage my CDD reporting in the best and most efficient way possible?

The answer to these questions is an effective CDD solution that can be set up to manage Customer Due Diligence effectively while also contributing substantially to the company goals. In this white paper you will read about how this is carried out.

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