Customers Prefer Hybrid Digital/Physical Experiences

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Complimentary Forrester Report

Today, many companies are accelerating digital-first projects in order to engage with customers on emerging channels.  While servicing customers through new digital and mobile channels often delivers lower costs and higher customer satisfaction, it also comes with risk.  The danger in this approach is the potential to lose sight of the needs of the customer and over-rotate into digital only channels.  In this important research piece, experts from Forrester examined the performance of digital only vs. hybrid experiences and found that customers continue to prefer hybrid experiences.  These experiences tended to most frequently evoke the six core positive emotions associated with high customer satisfaction. 

Hybrid CX now has, on average, a two-point lead over purely digital and purely physical CX. Even a single point in CX improvement can yield hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue growth. Between 2016 and 2017, the quality of hybrid CX rose in nine of the 21 industries we studied. As a result, hybrid now leads in 12 industries and ties for the lead in nine more. Hybrid also leads in virtually every sex, age, and income group.”

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