Elevate Your Customer Experience Using AI & Chat

with Inspire and Sapient

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Real Time Two-way Communication Elevates Your Customer Experience with Inspire and Sapient

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During this webinar replay, Quadient and Sapient inspired you to improve your customer experiences (CX) by integrating interesting adjacent technologies.

Eric Campdoras, Technology Director, Cognitive Experiences at Sapient showcased how their expertise in AI and Chat technology impacts customer communication execution. Scott Draeger, Vice President of Customer Transformation at Quadient shared how an integration-friendly customer communications management (CCM) system that is designed for the CX world supports your communication strategy.
Watch the replay to see how Sapient has connected innovative Chat and AI technology to the customer communication process using Quadient’s award-winning Inspire platform. Find out how organizations can collaborate across technology silos to create a seamless customer experience. Leave the session with ideas you can use to use your CCM technology to improve customer experiences that may currently be isolated.

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