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Financial Institutions: Navigate the Customer Experience Minefield

with guest speaker: Peter Wannemacher of Forrester

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Financial Institutions: Navigate the Customer Experience Minefield


Delivering a great customer experience in Financial Services means so much more than just making sure that interactions are streamlined, it also means making sure all of your customer communications are up to scratch for the modern age.

With an array of emerging touchpoints and new communication methods, it can be tough for banks to navigate the evolving world of digital communications. So which areas and initiatives should you focus your transformation budget on?

Guest speaker, Peter Wannemacher, Principal Analyst at Forrester will show you where you’ll get the maximum return for your efforts and how to avoid communication pitfalls as you start your journey into the future. In addition, Peter will outline how to ensure your multichannel communications efforts align with your wider digital strategy.

Andrew Stevens, will then take Peter’s argument further by showing you, with concrete examples, how you can use digital communications to drive desired behaviours and deepen your relationship with your customers.

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