Gartner Report: Citizen Development Is Fundamental to Digital Transformation

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Gartner Report: Citizen Development Is Fundamental to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is opening up new opportunities for teams outside of IT to participate in application development projects. In order to maximize innovation and productivity, it is essential that application leaders and business leaders work together to deliver positive results and avoid potential challenges as more employees begin to participate in citizen development.

In this complimentary research report, you will gain an understanding of:

  1. How advancements in consumer technologies have led to a more “digital-savvy” workforce, many of whom sit outside of traditional IT, yet have largely untapped skills that could be leveraged to speed development of new solutions across the business.
  2. How a large majority of enterprise have line of business led projects in the works, many of which are not being managed by IT, while very few have a formalized strategy in place to guide this type of development.
  3. How businesses can benefit from working with application leaders to leverage this emerging digital workforce inside their organizations

The report also highlights how IT and business leaders can come together to modernize their app development efforts by:

  • Creating a collaborative relationship to enable the development and support of new applications, regardless of where they originate inside of the organization
  • Support citizen development to increase employee engagement
  • Define “citizen development” guidelines to ensure that projects of the right scope are handled by the right groups, and align with long-term IT efforts
  • Ensuring projects can be handed off to the appropriate teams once they have reached a certain scale, to ensure that customer experience levels are maintained.

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