Gartner Report: How to Manage Customer Experience Metrics

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Most enterprises today are collecting customer feedback in order to measure the health of their customer experience – however it is often difficult to get agreement across the organization on which metrics should be collected, and who should have ownership of, and manage these metrics.
While customer satisfaction is an almost ubiquitous measure across all sizes of business, Net Promoter score is also used as a primary metric in over 70% of the largest global enterprises.  And while these metrics do provide visibility into the perceived state of an enterprises CX, they do not provide a means of determine next best actions to improve overall CX.
In short, organizations today struggle to understand which metrics to focus in order to come up with effective plans to improve CX.  Leverage this market report to better understand how to:

·        Audit and optimize the current CX metrics in place across the organization

·        Build dashboards to communicate CX metrics and next steps

·        Generate actionable CX improvement plans

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