Getting more out of Customer Journey Mapping

A guide for Asia Pacific executives

Getting more out of Customer Journey Mapping: A guide for Asia Pacific executives

How well do you really know your customers...

...and the way their interactions are changing with your organization? Do you know why these changes are happening and can you adapt or even pre-empt them? These are some of the hardest questions to answer in the Asia Pacific region for any leader. And they have been a primary driver for adopting customer journey mapping to better understand customers, to communicate as well as engage more effectively with them.

This white paper by Tech Research Asia (TRA), is a practical guide for all Asia Pacific executives on Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) providing an overview and why it’s an important tool. The report also offers future trends that will influence customer journey mapping and some critical questions to ask of your organization.

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What is customer journey mapping?

At its core, customer journey mapping is about giving you a better understanding of how your
customers experience an engagement or interaction with your organization. It “maps” all the steps
that a customer takes from the start to the finish of their experience.
The aim is first to understand customers and their current experiences. But it is more than just
an exercise in gaining information or just tracking people. 

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