Improve Your Mailings with Data Services

Increased delivery, improved accuracy, decreased costs.

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Improve Your Mailings with Data Services

Customer data typically degenerates at 2% per month or 25% annually. 363,300 pieces of mail are sent through the USPS every minute. That means that every minute 12,000 pieces of mail never reach the mailbox.

By maintaining and enhancing your customer data using Data Services, you can avoid that degeneration and not add to the 12,000 undelivered mail pieces.

Verify and correct data is accurate and up-to-date—Are there spelling errors? Is it street or road? Have they moved?
Enhance your data for improved accuracy and relevancy—Add apt number, email, head-of-household and more.
Decrease your costs with additional savings—Increase efficiency and be eligible for discounts up to 30%.

Simply complete and enjoy!