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Keynote: CX & Digital Transformation - Deconstructing the Hype

CX Transformation Day - May 24, 2018

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Keynote: CX & Digital Transformation - Deconstructing the Hype


This keynote session is a must watch for those tasked with digital transformation or customer experience - a panel of thought leaders and practitioners from CX Journey, Publicis Sapient and ANRO discuss and deconstruct the hype around the latest disruptive technologies, tackle the tough question of how to deal with business processes citing real world examples, all the while discussing tech's impact on cultural change and employee engagement. 

Key topics discussed include: 

  1. Customer Journey Mapping.

  2. The power of using data to comply with governance and legal frameworks in relation to your customer's marketing and privacy needs.

  3. The concept of the 'Enterprise Startup.'

  4. The core vs the edge when starting a digital transformation pilot program.

  5. Building out process workflows in parallel to provide faster application acceptance and better customer service.

  6. Going beyond messaging bots and Alexa - a deep-dive into omni-channel interactions and communications.

  7. Back to the basics - balancing being customer centric with the ability to interact with your customer on their terms.

The keynote panel includes: 

Annette Franz, CCXP, Founder of CX Journey 

David Poole, Financial Services Center of Excellence, Publicis Sapient

Paul DeSantis, COO of ANRO

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