Palletization: Requirements, Discounts and You.

Should you be palletizing?

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Palletization: Requirements, Discounts and You.

Most mailers believe that palletization is optional. However, that is not really the case. Once certain mail quantities are hit, palletization is a required and mandatory preparation method.

Do you know the rules? Should you be palletizing your mail? Are you required to and just don’t know it?

Whether you are using Bulk Mailer or Monticello, Senior Director of Postal Affairs Bob Schimek and Senior Product Manager Kim Mauch know the products, know the USPS regulations and know if palletization is right for you. Less..

  • For many mailers Palletization is NOT optional
  • Are you required to palletize?
  • Satori offers palletization solutions!

Simply complete and enjoy!