Transforming Insurance in the Age of IoT

How IoT is shaking up the insurance industry and turning to strategic CCM partners to help enable this transformation

IoT (Internet of things) presents a huge opportunity for P&C insurance providers to shift their fundamental proposition from that of compensating policyholder following a loss toward that of a pre-emptive risk management service provider. A number of insurers are looking at how they can achieve this, if nothing else to mitigate the threat from potential new entrants like Google. One of the key consequences will be that insurance providers will need to communicate with their clients far more frequently, flexibly and over a range of channels – something that most insurers find very challenging today.

In this on-demand webinar recording we discuss:

  • The challenges insurance providers face in the age of IoT.
  • How to deliver personalized and dynamic communications across all channels.
  • How to introduce change where it delivers the most impact.
  • Why insurers, particularly in the mature markets of APAC (such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia) are increasingly turning to strategic partners such as Quadient to help enable this transformation.