What is data quality?

Accurate data. Meaningful customer interactions.

What is data quality?

Why Poor Data Hurts Your Customer's Experience

Data quality (DQ) software helps make data fit for use by making sure data is actual, complete, correct and unique. Data quality is a key differentiator for business success: high quality data is one of the main indicators for the level of engagement organizations are able to establish with their customers.

That is why many organizations are investing in data quality solutions that will help them benefit from one of their most valuable assets: their customer data.

Read more about DQ and CX (customer experience) in the white paper “Why poor data hurts your customer experience”.

Why data quality matters

The recipe for success: consistent customer data and an omni-channel strategy

With the focus in CCM shifting to digital, organizations are being confronted with bad quality data impeding their communications left front and center. Are you struggling to deliver personalized messages through new and existing channels? Chances are it’s poor data quality that is keeping you from being successful. 

Trust your data. Digital will follow.

Find out how to take a strategic approach to going digital by following the recipe for success: dealing with consistent customer data at the basis of your omni-channel strategy.  

In a nutshell, data quality will help you improve:

Operational efficiency

Customer interaction

Risk and Compliance

Customer loyalty

Best practices in data quality

Best Practices in Data Quality

Reaching the right person with a relevant and personalized message is critical to a positive experience, which drives a campaign’s success. So how do your make sure you continue to target the right audience with the right message? Data Services, with easy access to value-added data quality, enrichment and analysis services, will do the trick:

  • Geocoding capabilities support your geo-targeting initiatives
  • Suppression checks help identify and filter out unwanted contacts
  • Name correction, append and genderization add a personal touch

"Quadient® is the only vendor approaching GDPR SAR requests with an end-to-end solution"

- A large and independent international accounting and consulting company

GDPR: Where there’s risk, there’s reward

GDPR: Where there’s risk, there’s reward

Quadient offers an end-to-end solution for GDPR that uses two of our market-leading solutions, DataHub and Inspire.

Learn how your customer’s experience will benefit from the new GDPR:

  • provide privacy and security controls
  • manage data
  • communicate with consumers by whatever channel they choose

With Quadient, your company will be in compliance with GDPR and your customers will benefit from automated, secure communications for an enhanced customer experience.

“According to research, poor data quality costs businesses an average of $9.7million per year, making errors extremely costly for business.”

Why Quadient for data quality?

Why Quadient for Data Quality?

Hardly a day goes by without some new article on digital transformation and the hardship organizations worldwide are going through. As they build their digital communications (which rests on multiple technologies), understanding and integrating customer data is more important than ever. It helps organizations to be more proactive and build trust. Quadient understands that every retailer and every bank faces the challenge of going digital with on the one hand an ever more demanding customer (omni-channel service, the best deals) and on the other hand seemingly limiting factors like Privacy Compliance or Customer Due Diligence.

Quadient’s® data solutions help solidify the foundation of your business by providing accurate data that help build meaningful interactions and trust.

How we help

Quadient® understands the importance of excellent data and provides solutions that comply with the market demands and requirements of today and tomorrow. 

Quadient data solutions help organizations benefit from their customer data by optimizing the quality of their data through capabilities such as enhanced data entry, real-time validation, deduplication, key enrichment capabilities, and a single customer view.

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