Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken a look at the benefits of franking. We started our blog series examining how franking machines help with cost control, then moved on to efficiency benefits in blog two. Here, we wrap up the series by considering how franking helps present a professional business image for mailings.

Every communication counts. If it’s with a prospective customer, the opportunity to make a great first impression must be taken, as a new and potentially long-term relationship could be built. Every contact with an existing customer is also an opportunity - to strengthen the collaboration and build brand loyalty. When your business sends mail to suppliers, you will want them to recognise the communication is from you and to take quick and decisive action.

In all instances, first impressions count. The envelope that your letter, statement or marketing brochure arrives in presents your business to the recipient.

Franked mail looks more professional

Franking your mail is an easy way to present the right kind of company image. Franked mail conveys an image of a business that is established and professional.

What’s more, including your company logo as part of the franking imprint is a quick and effective way for your mail to be instantly recognisable. It also helps establish and build awareness of the company brand.

A platform for promotion

You can say more by franking your business mail.

In addition to postage, the franking machine allows you to add a marketing message or slogan, along with your logo. That way, the main message that you want to give your mail recipient will be right upfront when they receive your letter or package. Why not take advantage of this to build knowledge and understanding of your company and what it stands for, promote your product or service range or boost awareness of your latest offer? 

Maximising return on investment

Maximum benefit must be gained from every issued letter and mailing because each communication is an investment of time and money.

Through this blog series, we’ve looked at how a franking machine can help each communication live up to its promise. We’ve considered how a franking machine minimises the cost of communicating, speeds up the process of getting mail out and makes outbound mail management more efficient. Finally, we’ve considered the professionalism of franked mail and how this contributes to brand building and promotional opportunities.

To find out more, take a look at how Quadient can help you streamline your outgoing mail management with a franking machine.

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