Quadient breaks into the CXM market…

Scott Draeger | Wednesday, Nov 2nd 2022
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I couldn’t be more pleased that Quadient is the subject of the latest vendor profile from IDC’s Alan Webber, “Future of Customer and Consumer Vendor Profile: Quadient Customer Journey Mapping — Better Understanding the Customer.” Download your copy of the full report here.  

Alan wrote this after seeing several previews and early demonstrations of Quadient’s Customer Journey Explorer technology, which connects Customer Journey Orchestration (CJO) technology with Customer Communications Management (CCM) technology in a way that brings the action of CCM to the insight of CJO to improve CX in a meaningful way.

Quadient’s entry into the CXM market was from a non-traditional corner of the market, starting by helping customers who collectively create half a trillion communications per year. Typically, CXM vendors come from analytics or other theoretical areas of the CX discipline. Coming from the supply and design side of CX helps Quadient understand context because our customers create billions of communications each week. Every one of these communications is a CX touchpoint that either improves or destroys CX.

Alan explains Quadient’s approach as “Quadient comes to CXM from another perspective, that of direct communication with the customer through the original communications channel — postal mailing. Quadient should use that different perspective as a differentiator to position itself against other firms.” Since Quadient has been helping our clients improve the design and flexibility of the messages they create, this is a great opportunity to show that the CX is connected to the communications explicitly on maps and through meaningful CX integrations.

The CXM market usually focuses on optimization and orchestration of customer journeys. Quadient has been in the journey mapping market since 2016, adding journey context and project management capabilities to CX professionals who want to make an impact with every communication. Alan writes, “Understanding and mapping the customer journey is an important, but often misunderstood, component to providing a differentiated customer experience.” That was Quadient’s first step. 

“Today, Quadient's clients use the company's technologies and solutions to build and strengthen multichannel relationships with customers including mapping and understanding the customer journey” Alan continues. This is an important connection because the communications need to be designed in context, and the larger journeys need to be aware of the components as well. Quadient has designed technology that easily moves from the quantitative aspects of journey analytics to the qualitative aspects of design and delivery of the communications that comprise a customer journey. 

Alan recognized this as, “Quadient has developed a number of tools and technologies including content design and content management tools, cross-channel customer communication technologies, line-of-business customer engagement technologies, digital engagement tools, and customer journey mapping technologies.”

As he thinks about the future, he writes, “What this means is that there is going to be a long-term need for solutions to be able to move from understanding to action that Quadient has the potential to fill.” Quadient is proud to be counted amongst CXM vendors in this latest IDC report. Please download a copy of the full report here and see for yourself.