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What is CCM?

Customer Communications Management platforms provide centralised management of customer communications to improve the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of customer communications across a variety of channels. Get all your what is CCM (customer communications management)?

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Improve efficiency

Quickly create, approve and deliver omnichannel communications from a single unified platform.

Eliminate redundant systems

Empower business users

Empower business users to make controlled content changes and reduce strain on IT.

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Reduce compliance risk

Compliance personnel manage, track and approve communications quickly and easily.

A unified customer communications management platform

Today’s customers demand personalised, relevant communications that are available in real-time and accessible through the channel of their choice.

But for highly regulated industries such as insurance and financial services, meeting customer expectations presents a number of challenges, including:

  • Complex legacy IT systems
  • Operational silos
  • Changing regulations
  • Lack of IT time and resources

Modern customer communications management (CCM) technology integrates with core systems, helping companies create a nimble, effective, and unified omnichannel customer communications infrastructure to improve the customer experience and drive measurable results.

Benefits of Customer Communication Management

Streamline processes & drive efficiency

  • Quickly create, approve and deliver omnichannel communications from a single platform
  • Eliminate the need for multiple channel-specific siloed teams
  • Leverage existing data and templates to create personalised omnichannel communications
  • Leverage your existing IT infrastructure 

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Empower business users & reduce strain on IT

  • Empower business users to make content changes
  • Reduce strain on IT
  • Faster review and approval processes
  • Guide customer service representatives through every interaction

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Complimentary Celent report: "Customer Communications Management Systems: A Vendor Spectrum"

Reduce compliance risk

  • Compliance personnel manage, track and approve communications quickly and easily
  • Content blocks are optionally locked down to ensure they meet regulatory requirements

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"Integrating compliance into innovation: Taking control over customer communications"

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Amplify engagement & improve time-to-market

  • Get the right messages to your customers, faster
  • Deliver interactive and device-friendly statements and reports
  • Position up-sell and cross-sell promotions tailored to the unique needs of your clients
  • Digital on-boarding processes that include data pre-populated from your core systems
  • Deliver via your customers' preferred channels

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Complimentary Gartner report: "Gartner Market Guide for Customer Communications Management"

Quadient was named a Leader for the fourth consecutive year in the 2021 Aspire Leaderboard for CCM. Our award-winning CCM platform, Inspire, enables companies to quickly create, manage and deliver timely, personalised, compliant communications across all channels.

Our powerful migration tools and proven methodologies apply artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to the time-consuming problem of retiring legacy CCM systems, saving thousands of person-hours.

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Quadient named overall leader in 2021 Aspire Leaderboard for CCM

Quadient has been named an Overall Leader in the 2021 Aspire Leaderboard for the fourth consecutive year, an online positioning portal that provides a dynamically interactive vendor comparison for customer communications management (CCM) providers. 

Access the 2021 Aspire Leaderboard Portal free for 30-days, courtesy of Quadient.

Quadient has made it possible for Bank of Montreal customers to open an account in minutes from their smartphones.

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